Unpublished articles, essays and talks

This page contains:

  1. Scientific essays or reports that I wrote but which do not merit the status of a scientific article.
  2. A few interesting essays on other topics.
  3. Scripts of some talks that I have given.

September 2015:  Does God Exist? Theism vs atheism debate in the XXth century – a paper submitted to a history essay competition at Trinity College (I was awarded one of the prizes!).

July 2016: The text of my first talk (Ice Breaker) at Toastmasters, for which I received the Best Speaker Award (and the Ice Breaker award).

July-August 2016: A summer project report on Boson Stars.

May 2018: The text of my talk What about Religion? that I gave at Cambridge Apotheosis Society. In the talk I offered a solution to the is-ought problem and attempted a defense of the Christian worldview.

This page will soon be updated.



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